Say goodbye to boring!

In a world where social media is so prevalent, we as a society, are still isolated when it comes to savings. We have one mission: Make Budgeting, a traditionally boring topic, fun and social!

Making a personal budget is easy. Sticking to it is the hard part. But thats what communities and buddies are for! With Monesave, you have a comunity of users to encourage and spur you on.

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Personal Budgeting

Still writing your budget on a piece of paper? Thats sooo outdated! 

Track your Income and Expenses on the app, monitor monthly progress and view how others budget too!

Monesave Junior tasks

Children can earn, save, and manage their own money in a responsible manner. 

Create Tasks & Chores on the Monesave App and get paid with Monesave Token (MONC) by your parents.

Budget Community

Put the community touch on your personal finances by benchmarking your expenses with others. 

Everyone deservers a Community. Even those of us passionate about Budgeting and Saving Money.

Better than your boring bank

We are better than a Bank. A Social Fintech App focused on you, our customers!

Budget, Plan and benchmark how other people similar to you, budget and spend by following them on the Monesave App.

For our younger Monesavers, create tasks and chores on the app. Get paid with Monesave Tokens.

Say Goodbye to boring

Download the Monesave App and join our online community Monesavers!

Budgeting should not be a lonely or painful activity. We are social creatures. Track your budgets and engage with other users on the app.

Social in all ways

More than just a Budgeting app, Monesave is a communities of users passionate about Budgeting and Personal Finance.

With Monesave Junior, Parents can create tasks and chores for children on the app.

Amass Monesave Tokens as you complete your tasks and chores!

Loud Budgeting

Why overspending or making up an excuse friends, when you simply tell them you don't have the budget to spend money!

With Monesave, you can discuss and advise others on their budgets directly on the app.

Monesave Token

We live in a social world. Encourage financial responsibility from a young age.

Introducing Parent-Children payments! Pay pocket money with Monesave Token and redeem when they turn 18 years.

Read the Whitepaper for Monesave Token (MONC).

Regulated and Safe

Your funds are held securely with regulated banks and institutions. Regular updates and reviews.


Secure & protected

State of the art security measures to protect your details and money including 2048 bit TLS encryption.


App backed with features

Benchmark your budget and expenses anonymously. Budgeting does not have to be lonely.

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