In a world where social media is so prevalent, we as a society, are still isolated when it comes to savings. We have one mission: Making Savings & Budgeting, a traditionally boring topic, fun and social!

Join the revolution….

Social budgeting

Still writing your budget on a piece of paper? Thats sooo outdated! Share budgets anonymously, challenge each other and copy from others! 

Group Savings

Fun challenges and Investment clubs on the App. The more the merrier! Join forces with anyone you share your public pool’s invite code with.  Friends, strangers, friends or strangers.

Monesave Junior

Cultivate good spending habits with kids. You and your child can keep track of what your child earns, saves and spends from your respective apps. 

Better than your boring bank

We are better than a Bank. A Social Fintech focused on you, our customers. Join the movement!


Download the Monesave App and get onboarded in less than 5 minutes!

Say Goodbye to boring

The more you use your Monesave app, the more rewards and chances to win up to cash prizes!


Search for Monesave Groups or create your own with Fun Challenges

Social in all ways

Anonymously benchmark and compete with others


Create Monesave Junior Accounts for Children for their own Pocketmoney and Chores

Designed for Parents and Children

Get overview of your children's tasks and pocket money


Move from EUR/USD to Crypto and back. Withdraw to your crypto wallet or bank account.

Secure App

Buy and sell crypto instantly. Deposit and withdraw Euros / USD using your virtual IBAN. Cards coming soon!

You dont need AI or ChatGPT to simply put money aside for emergencies!
Monesave is social in all ways always.

Loans, Credit Cards and Debt have been glamorised a lot recently (not just among individuals, countries have also been raising their debt ceilings to phenomenal levels recently!)

The power of positive peer pressure has been proven to work in various fields on several research papers. For instance, student study up to 20% more when part of a study buddy group. We also work out up to 10% more when we are part of work out group In a gym.

With Monesave Group, you take advantage of this positivity and have people saving as group. Or if not sure of your budget, copy budget from others automatically monthly and amend if required. The ideas are limitless. You decide!

Monesave is a fintech app focused only you, our Customers. Your money is directly held and protected with regulated banks and partners.

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Regulated and Safe

Banking services are provided by Regulated partners with a shared vision of putting Customers first!

Secure & protected

State of the art security measures to protect your details and money including 256 bit TLD encryption similar to all major Banks.

App backed with features

Earn more interest, with trusted regulated partners by converting from Fiat currency to Crypto and staking on the blockchain*

*Terms and conditions apply

Monesave is a Fintech company and not a bank. T&C apply. See below

Monesave is a Fintech company. Banking Services are provided by Sia and Evolve Bank & Trusts
Savings and Budgeting does not have to be such a chore! With their own Monesave App, kids learn to manage their own money and tasks & chores
  • Children and young adults are all growing up in a digital, cashless and mobile driven age.
  • Start children with healthier financial discipline including managing their pocket money, earning points and cash for routine task and transfer cash to their accounts
  • Keep track of your child’s spending habits and get notifications of their progress.
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Making savings and budgeting fun and social.

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