Reduce plastic waste one card at a time.

The average person carries about 3 to 4 plastic cards. With Monesave wooden debit card, our users are making a statement that they care about the planet.

Do you know we produce approximately 100,000 cards from one cubic meter of wood? While a typical plastic card body generates 90-100 grams of CO2 equivalent emissions.


Take the path to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our cards will produced with partners who pay great attention to sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

Monesave Card is the Wooden Cold Wallet. Other Cold Wallets require Seed phrases and Wallet backups which exposes your cash and crypto.

Monesave Card is a Simple, Stylish, Sustainable and Secure way to hold authenticat Payments on the App with peace of mind that your Crypto & Cash is safe. Without the need for insecure wallet backups.Please download the App and we will notify our community of users before Launch day.

We all have a responsibility to care for the planet. At Monesave we are well aware of this and help our customers achieve this.

We plant a tree for each replacement card.

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